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Thread Lift, PRP, PRF, Exosomes, Collagen Based Fillers, Nano-Fat, RF Microneedling

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Welcome to Eternal Beauty Medical Centre, where we are revolutionizing the future of aesthetics. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled services and a world class approach to anti-aging, ensuring our patients receive the pinnacle of care and treatment excellence.


Anti-aging Approach

We prioritize a long-term strategy, incorporating regenerative treatments and gradual progress for a healthier, more natural approach to anti-aging.

World class Trained


Our highly skilled team undergoes rigorous training in the latest trends and techniques, trained by the world's best medical experts.

5 Star Luxury

Medical Centre

Discover Calgary's grandest and most luxurious destination for top-tier Medical Aesthetics, Health, and Wellness.

Be part of our vision to redefine the future of Regenerative Aesthetics in Calgary, Alberta, and Western Canada.

Regenerative Aesthetics & Eternal Medical Centers Approach

Key regenerative treatment approaches recognized in Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Aesthetics. These key approaches are the use of cells, bio-cues, and scaffolds, each providing a unique potential regenerative pathway to support clients' anti-aging. At Eternal Beauty Medical Centers we offer a collaborative non-surgical approach based on the creation of natural looking, jaw-dropping before and after results for each and every client.

  1. New cells (via exosomes, PRP, PRF)
  2. Bio-cues are different treatments that help improve the local tissue environment by signaling the cells. In Regenerative Aesthetics, studies show they help cells in the area act younger-function younger.
  3. Regenerative scaffolds possess the potential to stimulate regeneration of all the different structural components of the tissue.

Key Treatments in the Eternal Beauty Treatment Packages focus on our treatment superstars

  • Thread Lift
  • PRP
  • PRF
  • Exosomes
  • Collagen based Fillers
  • Nano-fat
  • Microneedling and Radio Frequency
  • Ultrasound Cell Stimulation

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